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Deep Tissue Massage
90 minutes - $120
60 minutes - $80
30 minutes - $40

Our 30 minute sessions are symptom specific and specially designed to addresses chronic aches and pains.

Focused massage of the scalp, facial pressure points, jaw, neck and shoulders to relieve headaches, TMJ pain, Sinus pressure and neck pain.

Neck and Shoulders
Deep tissue work on the major postural muscles to help improve your postural appearance, relieve muscle fatigue and undo the damage of extended hours in front of a computer.

Low Back
Focused deep tissue massage on the muscles of the lower back and hips to relieve chronic lumbar pain often experienced by runners and golfers or from spending long hours in the car.

Carpal Tunnel Relief
Focused deep tissue massage on the hands, arms and neck to alleviate symptoms of carpal tunnel and related problems such as golfer's and tennis elbow.

Runner's Relief
Concentrated work on the glutes, IT band and all major muscle groups used in training for marathons, triathlons or any sports activities. Includes stretching combined with tissue stimulation to restore blood flow and flexibility and aid in recovery.

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